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About TDCare Solutions

At TDCare Solutions we are preoccupied with making sure that every client that comes to us receives not just great care, but is also treated with dignity, respect and compassion. TDCare Solutions uses a holistic Person Centred Approach (PCA) and to provide home care services. These services are designed factoring in the service users situation and environmental factors to enable them continue to live the way they want while improving the quality of their life.

At TDCare Solutions we look at your needs and what you would like to achieve from our support, and then jointly work with you to deliver the care that is tailored-to your needs and circumstances.

It may be that you need more support and the assurance that you have someone with you on a 24/7 service that will keep you at peace through our Live-In Care Packages. We place clients at the centre of our thoughts.